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Organizing Marketing for Creatives

organizer made from floral cloth by linda wiggen kraft

On Thursday my class Marketing for Creatives takes place at Niche in downtown St. Louis, from 7 – 9 pm.  I have to organize before I organize my thoughts and get into the flow of putting the class together.

organizer with daily dream, daily centering and daily to do sheets by linda wiggen kraft
Daily Dreams, Daily Centering and Daily To Do

Some people think that organizing and straightening up before settling down to get work done is just procrastination or avoidance.  Perhaps, but I know it is that super sensitive state of body and mind that perceives chaos and dirty piles of dishes that keeps creative flow away from really settling in.  So I always have to organize first and then I can relax and get into the flow.

But I can’t just organize in typical office supply store boring ways.  My organizer and camera bag need attention.  Both make my heart sing with their feminine colors and charms. 

organizer for women by linda wiggen kraft
Daily Dreams in Organizer
organizer with daily centering sheet by linda wiggen kraft
Daily Centering in Organizer
organizer daily to do sheet by linda wiggen kraft
Daily To Do in Organizer

My organizer began with floral oil cloth purchased at Hancock fabrics in Paducah Kentucky near the National Quilt Museum. It is zig zagged edged with the white water proof tape sewn into the ends of a bird seed bag.  The center is thick plastic that helps me see my organizing sheets.  The organizer sheets list Daily Dreams, not to be forgotten. Daily Centering, which isn’t done everyday, but a reminder to do as much as possible. And Daily To Do is the final getting to the details.  But if I start with To Do and don’t Center and Dream, I am just a machine.
turquoise camera bag by epiphane with photographer linda wiggen kraft camerasWhen I saw this camera bag I immediately fell in love.  Who ever heard of camera bags for women?  Not me until I saw this one that I had to have.  It is made by Epiphane.  The turquoise and apple green make me smile every time I look at the bag.  I keep it near my desk and peek at it several times a day. I will never have one of those boring boxy black camera bags again.
colored pencils with Beauty Book by John O'Donohue in linda wiggen kraft studioAnd my art supplies, of course they have to be arranged in rainbow array.

Now I am organized, I can let the creative juices flow.  Here are some of the books for my class. I recommend them all.

stack of books for marketing for creatives class by linda wiggen kraft
Marketing for Creatives Class Book Stack

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