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New Year’s Mandalas, Words & Flower Inspirations

I want the new year to be an inspiration to remember what calls to me from the depths of my soul.  Reminders help me listen to what feels right on the deepest level, what brings joy and what stirs to action.



My heart sings at the sight of flowers. They call to me. But words also are inspirations. A few years ago I created set of small cards that combine flowers and words to help me remember. During this first week of the new year I made a mandala from them.  The words “open heart, let love in and out” spoke the loudest to me.  I put the card with those words into the center of a crocheted cloth bowl that was a gift from some dear friends.  I spent some time with this mandala and then put all the papers into the bowl.


I wanted more inspiration and reminders though, so I wrote words and phrases like: “holy/whole”, “deep into my heart, into my passions, into my purpose”, and “be one with”  in two pages of my journal. I rewrote the words onto papers left over from other art projects and created a mandala with them.


The words that called to me most from these written papers were “communion with creator”, which I put in the center of the cloth bowl with the other papers.




I spent some time enjoying and absorbing this mandala too.  I then gathered all the paper inspirations and put them upside down in the cloth bowl along side the bowl with blank papers for other words to be added later. I will choose a card without knowing what it says to let it be an inspiration and remembering.


Both bowls now sit on top of some baskets next a chair I often sit in when I meditate.


This room is a sacred space to me. I meditate, do yoga, write in my journal and sometimes create art in this room.  I created the mandalas on the rug in this room.



Now the flower and word inspirations are welcomed part of a my daily routine.


May this way of bringing in the energy and light of the new year be an inspiration to remember what calls to you from the depths of your soul.



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