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New Connections & Why I love/hate Social Media

My social media world has expanded.  Creativity For The Soul now has accounts with Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and a Facebook Page.

WHAT I LOVE (about the internet and social media)

I love sharing on the internet. My website and blog let me share my passions and the creativity of others. I can’t share all I want to share on those sites alone though. Pinterest lets me share many more photos.  My new pottery , my garden, gardens I designed, mandalas from each 100 Days and other “boards” are all there in one place. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook also let me expand this sharing.  So this I love.

dinnerware-pottery-by-linda-wiggen-kraft-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogFrom Pinterest Board – Slab Built Pottery – Dinnerware for Ten



linda-wiggen-kraft-garden-red-table-creativity-for-the-soul-blogFrom Pinterest Board – Creveling Gardens – My Garden

garden-designed-by-linda-wiggen-kraft-clayton-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogFrom Pinterest Board – Creveling Gardens – Gardens Designed by Linda Wiggen Kraft

mandala-FEATURE-magic-sun-linda-blog-creativity-for-the-soul copyFrom Pinterest  Board – Mandalas, Meditation, Art Journaling – 100 Days for Mandalas – Session 5



From Pinterest Board – Mandalas – Camera App – Kaleidoscope


Here are the main links:

PINTEREST – CreativityForTheSoul (no spaces) with user name: LindaWKraft

FACEBOOK – Creativity For The Soul

INSTAGRAM – CreativityForTheSoul (no spaces)

TWITTER – CreativityForTheSoul (no spaces) with user name: LindaWKraft

WHAT I HATE (about social media)

MY “Like” and “Follow” REQUEST

What is it with “like” and “follow” on the internet? Feels like I am back in grade school or maybe middle school. Either way there is some popularity contest going on, and I am usually the last kid to get picked for the team. You know, standing there in a line that gets smaller and smaller as everyone else is picked but me. It feels like the spot light shining down saying “nobody wants you”.  I thought that was over in my life, but no. Now decades, and I mean decades, later I am somehow throw back into childhood years by my children’s peers.

I love what the internet does. It brings the world to your doorstep, or at least your computer screen. How did we ever live without Google? Paper maps, I’d rather be told where to drive. I can put my work out there on the internet, without some gatekeeper judging it and saying no, it’s not good enough for publication, or viewing, or even existing in the realm of you are ‘in’ and you are “out”. We can all be “in” now. EXCEPT, we can’t totally. We now have a different version of getting picked for the team. It’s the “like”, “follow”, “pin it”and “retweet” buttons.

It feels like I’m begging when asking my friends and acquaintances to click on those buttons. I hate it, but I will ask. My reason for being on the internet is not for the popularity buttons, it is to share something I think is important for myself and others. I’ve stood alone in lines before, the last to be picked. I’m thankful because it gave me the courage to know I can be my own team, or a different kind of team where everyone is welcome, no first or last picks.

So this is my request, that if you want to, and feel like it, please click those “like”, “pin it”, “follow” buttons, and maybe a “retweet” or two. I’m here to share what feels good and right in my heart and hopefully your heart will be touched too.

P.S. –  More updating and more photos are being added to these accounts periodically.  I’m not a every day social media person by any means. I get things out there as fast or slow as time and inspiration allow.


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