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Nature’s Abstract Inspirations in Stone

A recent visit to my son and future daughter-in-law’s new home in California included a trip to Bean Hollow Beach.

Bean Hollow Beach is a California State Beach on the Pacific, south of Pescadero.

It is known for its unusual rock formations called Tafoni.

This beach is also known for its tide pools.

Instead of sand, the beach has small pebbles that have been worn by the sea to serene smoothness.

The rhythm of the tides washes the small pebbles into the honey comb homes of the weathered rocks.

And leaves patterns of abstract beauty that change daily.

Landscapes of mountain ranges made smooth and small are seen in the small beach.

And artist’s inspirations are seen in closeup with the placement of subtle colors and textured forms.

I want to crawl like an ant onto this sheer mountain side and nestle in with the safe smooth stones.

The rivers of pebble trails slip and slide into new inspirations revealed with each low tide.

If you are ever traveling on California Highway 1, three miles south of Pescadero,  don’t miss the one of nature’s most inspiring abstract creations at Bean Hollow Beach.






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