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My Gardens – A Welcome Home

I’m back home after an incredible journey that was deep and wide. A journey that opened new doors of creativity, community and connection.  Sometimes it is hard to get grounded after such an experience. For me, it is spending time in the garden that gives me grounding and welcomes me home.

As much as I love the flowers, it is the creatures like these swallowtail caterpillars eating my dill plant on the deck that make me especially happy.




And what makes me even happier is to see Monarch butterflies and caterpillars. This year I planted lots of asclepias (butterfly weed) plants for the Monarchs.  There are more Monarchs flying around in my garden and caterpillars on plants now than before –  yeah!




A mandala of spirals, and perhaps my favorite flower of all – the lovely Queen Lime Red Zinnia.  I start these flowers from seed and love the colors. Here the spirals of the Fibonacci series are seen in the spirals of the petals.



The spirals of Datura before it opens at dusk releasing its fragrance and beauty.



No wonder Georgia O’Keefe loved and painted these flowers.




This Black-Eyed Susan native plant, rudbeckia triloba, is my favorite Black-Eyed Susan. This one planted itself against a wall where most plants won’t grow. These plants are instant bouquets. Cut one stem, place that stem in a large vase and there is a perfect arrangement.



And another native flower, Prairie Dock – Silphium terebinthinaceum blooms on top of its seven foot tall stem.



Surprise Lilly – Lycoris squamigera, is always a surprise when it suddenly blooms is late summer.



Black and Blue Salvia – Salvia Guaranitica, is a hummingbird favorite. It is not supposed to be hardy in my zone 6 garden, but it has come back for the last 10 years.

my-garden-black-n-blue-salvia-8-23-15-blog-creativity-for-the-soul copy


I love to sit in my pergola and be surrounded by these flowers.



Garden Phlox – phlox paniculata blooms for a long time. The rabbits leave it alone, unlike too many of the plants in my garden.

I can’t resist nasturtiums. It’s easy to plant the seeds and then enjoy the beauty and taste.



I was given several of these perennial hibiscus this year when another garden had too many. I love passalong plants.



What I can’t share online is the fragrance of plants, or the wonderful smell of sheets that dry outdoors. Another benefit of the garden. Last year I got this umbrella clothes dryer. Low and behold there was a metal hole already in the concrete by my back garden.


More mandala sharing coming soon.  And a “Month for Mandalas” coming this fall.





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