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Mandalas Inspired by Nature

I met Christine’s husband at Shaw Nature Reserve years ago.  We went to a ceremonial prairie planting with Native American drums that sang to the seeds as they drifted to the receiving earth. Christine and her family used to live inside this magical place, and now have a country home surrounded with native prairies and woods.  Christine came to a mandala workshop a few years back and drives in from the country for the monthly mandala making get togethers.  She brings the inspiration and energy of nature into her mandala making.

Last summer Christine spent many hours drawing this mandala  showing butterflies and dragonflies that share the land at their  home.  They are male and female widow skimmer dragonflies (Libellula luctuosa), and male and female eastern tiger swallowtail butterflies (Papilio glaucus).   The detail and beauty is stunning.  This mandala is an important remembering and honoring of these creatures.

Last spring this native wildflower (pedicularis canadensis), more commonly known as wood betany or lousewort, that grows on her land was the inspiration for a brightly colored mandala.

I always see the inspiration of nature, both large and small, in Christine’s mandalas, from the very simple flower like ones….


… to one depicting the the Summer Solstice night sky illuminated with a flower.

And two years ago when the earthquake struck Haiti, Christine created this one titled “Hearts for Haiti”.  Her heart went out to the people of Haiti.

It is important to remember those who have been harmed by disaster, but also to help. Fortunately there is a St. Louis based organization that has been helping in Haiti since 2003.  It is called Meds & Food for Kids that not only feeds malnourished children and saves their lives, it is providing a source of sustainable local food and work for the Haitian community.  Please open your heart to this worthwhile organization and help in their efforts.

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