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Mandalas for a New Mexico Heart Journey Road Trip

ROAD TRIP – I am soon off to New Mexico for a Heart Journey Road Trip with a dear friend.  It is a heart journey in more ways than one.  It’s off to cities, high deserts and mountain lands.  Santa Fe, The Mandala Center in Des Moines, Taos and Abiquiu here we come.

MATTERS OF THE HEART #1 – First there is the gaining of courage to even make this trip.  Three trips to the hospital in the last six months for heart concerns had me feeling like I never wanted to be anywhere away from a nearby hospital, let alone in the middle of nowhere. But a new Dr. who has given me the O.K. and a gradual building of trust have me on my way to far off and remote places.

MATTERS OF THE HEART #2 – I am going for a retreat at The Mandala Center.  A place where I am hopefully going to teach my five day Morning Mandalas, Meditation & Journaling course in July.  I want my heart to open and connect to the beautiful enchanted land.  I want to walk on the earth and gather the energy and essence of the New Mexico, especially of the place I will teach.  My heart is a little raw though with the thought that I may not be back.  It is uncertain if the class will fill.

I created a mandala to hold the image of where my feet will touch and connect with the land, the spirals signifying a journey – to where I’m not certain – but to a deep and important place. This mandala holds my inspirations, prayers, hopes and dreams.

Matters of the Heart # 3 – It was hard week on the hearts of my family when our dear Alesondra, daughter of my cousin, was suddenly gone from this earth. Tears and prayers were the themes of many of our days.  In my mandala get together on Sunday, where those who have taken my mandala classes gather to create and share, I created a mandala for Alensondra.  My trip to New Mexico will now have the added dimension of helping heal my and our family’s heart.

May the spirit of our dear one be like a butterfly who flies with colorful wings to a dimension filled with light and love. My prayers and wishes are inscribed here, may the wings of angels hold her close.

MATTERS OF THE HEART #4 – The inspirations and excitement I have for this road trip make my heart flutter – in a good way.  So I am carrying these thoughts with me,  and will bring one of these jewelry pieces I made years ago to wear next to my heart.






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