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Mandalas – Black & White – Symbols




These mandalas were created with pen, ink and paper.  The boldness of black on white speaks in a different way than color does.  The mandala above created by Tina Sparks is made of two circle with their joined overlap in the sacred geometry shape called vesica piscis.  The overlap area is the shape of an eye and the birth canal.  It symbolizes the birthing of going from one place to another.  The windows and doors of Gothic Cathedrals are this shape.  There are lots of shapes and symbols in this mandala – spider webs, triangles, horns.  I see Kachina images with the stripes and shapes.


Although not as detailed as the first mandala, this one that I created has the vesica piscis shape also.


Tina’s second black and white mandala has lots of shapes that have their own energy – spirals, paisley circles, leaves.


This mandala of mine, feels like movement and spinning.


Paisley inspired me in this mandala.  One explanation I found online said that this shape was once used to ward off evil energy.

And flowers always inspire me with their own  mandala shape.

I am going to print some of these black and white mandalas and add some color, even though these are complete as they are.

PS – 100 Days for Mandalas -Session Three coming soon



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