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Linda Wiggen Kraft
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Mandalas – A Circle of Sharing

There is a circle of sharing that fulfills my soul.  I love creating mandalas, but as much I love being inspired by the creativity of others. I feel a healing and sense of wholeness when I gaze at the beauty of mandalas created by others.  There are  times when I have no time to create (like now with busy garden season), so I need the sharing of creativity from others.


Right now I am surrounded by gardens and plants.  They fill my thoughts, days and driveway.  I need the shared circle of creativity so I can gaze on a mandala embrace and wholeness as created by someone else.



The mandalas in this blog were created by Tina Sparks.  I always love the diversity and depth of Tina’s mandalas.  I thank her for sharing these with all of us. As much as they are a personal expression for her, they bring so much to others.





Thank you Tina for sharing.


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