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Mandala Sharing & Workshop Preparing

As always the creativity that flows from my monthly Mandala Circles astound me.
Karen Martinez – Sun & Leaves Mandala





Here are the mandala creations from last month’s circle.

Christine Torlina – Earth Mirrors – Words & Mandala


Christine Torlina – Earth Mirrors – Words & Mandala

We started with a guided meditation and then allowed the embrace of a sacred space of creativity bring forth these different expressions of inner depth.

Linda Massie – Gold Spiral Envelope & Mandala



 Linda Massie – Envelope Front




Linda Massie Envelope Back

I have been preparing for next year’s Art & Soul Retreat at Kanuga in North Carolina. The official new name of the five-day gathering is “Art & Soul Retreat, Personal and Liturgical Creative Expression.”

My Mandala Journal Page front of Prayer

I have to live what I will share with those who are part of the workshop. It is always a very deep experience finding the inspiration and guidance of what to share and teach in the workshop.

My Prayer on the back -Inspired by the journal writing


The workshop lives within me for months before the actual August dates. It lives within me already in the practice of journal writing that inspires prayers that are expressed in colors, abstract painting and calligraphy on the back of the journal writing.

My journal writing -Front


                                                             My Mandala Prayer on the Back – Inspired by the Journal Writing


These writings/prayers/paintings are creative expressions that expand traditional forms of personal and spiritual creativity.

                                                                                         My Journal Writing


My Prayer on the back – Inspired by the Journal Writing

There is more to what will be created at Art & Soul Retreat next year, these are some of the beginnings.



PS – A blog with the creations from the teachers (Linda & Kelly) at Kanuga in August 2018 will be coming shortly. Also a sharing of my visit to Minneapolis to see an exhibit (only place in the U.S.) of one of my favorite artists whose watercolors are the basis of her clothing designs, Gudrun Sjorden of Sweden.

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