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Mandala Sharing, Surrender & Play

Creating mandalas is a way to delve deep into creativity.   That doesn’t mean there isn’t a sense of play and joy.

Playing with Watercolor Brush Markers 

Surrendering to the unknown and letting creativity flow is sometimes frightening.  At each gathering of  mandala circles at my studio, we surrender first through a guided meditation that invites us to become one with, and eases us into creative flow, surrendering to it.

Lotus Mandala – Linda Massie

The safety and embrace of the mandala circle lets us express our unique creativity within it.  We can surrender into that space.



My Mandala – “Love Life”
(preparing for Art & Soul Retreat -personal calligraphy)

My Mandala – “Let Me know the Language of Birds” 


My Mandala – “Let My Work be the Work of Creator” 


My mandala  – “Take Action”

The paper, paints, markers and all the art materials join us in this dance and play of creativity. The colors, the shapes, the lines, the words and all the marks we make are part of a playful and joyous expression.


“Bird” Mandala One – Linda Massie



                      “Bird” Mandala Two – Linda Massie

Just as when children play there is a depth and “seriousness” to this time immersed in creativity. It is play, but it is not trivial.

Creativity is also shared inspiration. Other artists inspire with their work. Karen was inspired by a children’s book illustrator named  Piet Grobler for her bird mandala.

Birds Mandala – Karen Martinez – Inspired by Piet Grobler

Mandala play can also take place on vacation. Here is one shared by Christine while she was away on vacation in June.

                              Christine Torlina – Vacation Mandala

The mandalas shared above (except Christine’s) are from the latest mandala circle.  We all played with a new technique of creating watercolors with brush markers.  Oh what joy it was.

Here is how the watercolor brush markers work.

Water color paper with a circle drawn on it in pencil. Arteza and Clean Color watercolor brush markers.


The markers are brushed on with a “dry” brushing.


A water brush with water inside blended the center colors.


The water brush then blended the outside colors before the center ones were dry.


I took the photos outside and left the watercolored page on an outside table. I went to do something else and all of a sudden a slight drizzle fell from the sky, letting the raindrops play their part in creating the beginning of a new mandala.










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