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Mandala Sharing – Get Togethers – First of the Year 2014

Creating and sharing mandalas is always such a treat.  Once a month I have what I call Mandala Get Togethers.  And  once or twice a year through this blog, there are the 100 Days for Mandalas sessions.


mandala-get-together-jan-linda-1-blog-linda-wiggen-kraft-blogMandala by Linda Massie

The Mandala Get Togethers are for people who have taken my workshops. The 100 Days for Mandalas sessions are for people who want inspiration to create mandalas.  I do both of these things for those who want to join in these creative circles. I do this for others, but really  I also do these activities for myself.  I need this time together, both in person and online, embraced by the creativity and safety of the mandala circle and the circle of friendships of beautiful creative beings.



mandala-get-together-jan-christine-1-blog-linda-wiggen-blogMandala by Christine Torlina

In January during the Mandala Get Together we played with different kinds of watercolor paper – hot press and cold press – with  wet-on-wet and dry brush techniques.


mandala-get-together-jan-christine-2-blog-linda-wiggen-kraft-blogMandala by Christine Torlina

mandala-get-together-jan-linda-2-blog-linda-wiggen-kraft-blogMandala by Linda Massie

mandala-get-together-jan-linda-3-blog-linda-wiggen-kraft-blogMandala by Linda Massie

Word and images -the power or art journaling.

mandala-get-together-jan-linda-6-blog-linda-wiggen-kraft-blogMandala by Linda Massie

Adding salt to wet watercolor paint creates amazing textures and colors.

mandala-get-together-jan-christine-3-blog-linda-wiggen-kraft-blogMandala by Christine Torlina

Thank you Linda and Christine for sharing your creativity.

100 DAYS FOR MANDALAS  – Starting March 21st. I can’t wait, I need this time of dedicated creativity and the embrace of mandalas.

Enjoy and Create – LINDA







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