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Mandala Online Courses – 100 Days and A Month for Mandalas

I had a Mini Mandala course that was offered online through a website called Seek Your Course. That website is gone.  I am hoping to bring an online course into being soon. (It is Feb 2016 as I revise this blog post).  As of now the 100 Days for Mandalas and A Month for Mandalas offer instruction, meditation, prompts and sharing.  Go to the links and scroll to the bottom.  The first session has an invitation and explanation.

Enjoy the mandala images below that I created and info about the woman who created Seek Your Course.


Mandalas by Me – Linda Wiggen Kraft

I came across Seek Your  Course over a year ago  Last summer I had the chance to meet Jess Greene, the force behind Seek Your Course, when she took a cross country trip, promoting creativity and setting up creative play nights in cities across the country.  Jess is a former science teacher who is now an artist and creativity coach whose work helps artists navigate the digital universe. She made her career switch after taking a creativity/art retreat that transformed her life.  She wanted to let others know about creative workshops that may be life changing for them.  Jess stopped in St. Louis on her road trip and held a fun gathering downtown, where she left each person an envelope full of goodies, including this reminder.



I keep these words of wisdom close by so I can be reminded how important creativity is in my life.

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