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Mandala Flow

The first mandalas I ever created were watercolors that I titled “Fantasy Flower Mandalas”. The flowers were enclosed in an implied circle. The painted centers, centered my soul. They were large paintings that I painted flat on the floor.  The colors bleed into each other, birthing new mergings. I spent weeks in a meditative state as I painted thirteen of these paintings. The effect was so powerful I knew I had to share this way of deep creativity with others.  That is when I created my Morning Mandalas Workshops* over 10 years ago as a way for others to be embraced by the power of mandalas.

I’ve been playing with the flow of watercolor mandalas lately.  I am drawn into the colors and waters as they expand, merge and form new shapes. 

My favorite colors are orange and turquoise together.  I wanted to be emerged in imagined summer flowers.  Blue turquoise flowers are very rare.  Playing with these mandalas shapes and colors was a gift to my eyes and heart.

The sacred geometry of two circles overlapping creates the birthing shape in the middle.  This shape is called mandorla. It is the shape of the birth canal and  symbolizes birthing into life and holiness.

 The birth of a plant takes places in the womb of Mother Earth. Roots that are hidden in the divinity of sacred soil, grow downward into the pull of earth.  I want to always honor the unity of flowers, leaves, roots, soil, sun, sky, rain all within the creative life force of Creation.



The mandorla shape of reds and yellows merge in watercolors to create orange, the color of creativity. The shape symbolizes an orange birthing from red and yellow. Journaling words written around the edges are prayers for birthing of new energies. 



I loved the flow of these watercolors as their movement brought an energy and form into these mandalas. I can’t wait to create more.


* My next Morning Mandalas, Meditation & Journaling workshop will be April 23, 2019. Here’s more info.







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