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Art Inspired by Sparkling

Inspired by Sparkling 



As I listened to a friend’s Podcast (Earthworms with Jean Ponzi) I was enchanted by Becky Brittain’s story of her “Art of Sparkling”, a way of opening heart and sending love out to all creatures and creation.





Becky’s book titled “The Art of Sparkling – Share you Inner Light with the World is a reminder that we can connect with our inner radiance, amplify it and share it through our thoughts, feelings and actions. For Becky, her way of sending sparkles is through her hands and body movements. Our hands are powerful energy and healing conduits and for our highest heart emotions and intentions, a perfect way to sparkle.




I read Becky’s book a few days before a recent Mandala Circle where friends and I created mandalas, some with words and some without. These are mandalas and words I created inspired by sparkling.


They are reminders to share and sparkle the light energy of open heart and mind with the world.  The words written are blessings, prayers and inspirations to act with the fierce power of love.




I shared Becky’s book with Christine whose life sparkles with love for nature.



Her mandala honors some of the native moths that live on oak trees. Oaks are the home to the most butterflies, moths and other creatures that adult birds feed their young.  They do so much more though as expressed below.


Oaks also tend the water, air and earth. Christine sparkles them with her love of nature.

May these mandalas inspire you to remember the light and radiance inside yourself.  It is there to fill you and be shared and sparkled with the world.

Enjoy and Create


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