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London to Arkansas – Soul of a Nation-Art in the Age of Black Power

Soul of a Nation – American Art in the Age of Black Power
From London to Arkansas and Brooklyn


I saw this very powerful art exhibit at the Tate Modern in London last September. The exhibit shows the art of the Black Power movement in the 1960s into the 1980s. The art was created by sixty artists. Most art was done by  African American artists, except for a few portraits of African Americans by famous artists Andy Warhol and Alice Neel.

soul-nation-revolutionary-wardsworth-jarrell-blogRevolutionary by Wardsworth Jarrell – inspired by a photo of Angela Davis


The art is personal, raw and informative. It shares the deep pain, anger and sometimes humor of African Americans in their life in the United States.



soul-nation-power-to-the-people-faith-ringgold-blogPower to the People Poster by Faith Ringgold

This poster Power to the People is by artist and children’s book author Faith Ringgold. She is most well known for her children’s books. Here is portrait of her by artist Alice Neel.  And below the portrait is a large painting by Ringgold showing a bloody scene.

soul-nation-portrait-faith-ringgold-blogFaith Ringgold by Alice Neel

soul-nation-american-people-series-#20-faith-ringgold-blogAmerican People Series#20 by Faith Ringgold

The raised fist was a symbol of the Black Power movement

soul-nation-black-unity-elizabeth-catlett-blogBlack Unity by Elizabeth Catlett


This exhibit is coming to the U.S. It will only be seen at Crystal Bridges Art Museum in Arkansas (February 3 – April 23, 2018) and Brooklyn Museum (Sept. 7, 2018–Feb. 3, 2019).




These are my photos from the Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power exhibit.
(Note: I took these (except the last one) photos at the Tate Modern exhibit.  Photos were allowed in London for this exhibit. Not sure if that will be the case at Crystal Bridges and Brooklyn Museum.)





Before entering into the exhibit this bank of videos showed speeches and talks by Dr. Martin Luther King, Angela Davis, James Baldwin and Malcolm X.


soul-nation-3-america-the-beautiful-by-norman-lewis-blogAmerica The Beautiful by Norman Lewis

soul-nation-one-nation-under-god-timothy-washington-blogOne Nation Under God by Timothy Washington

soul-nation-liberty-of-aunt-jemima-blogLiberty of Aunt Jemima by Betye Saar

soul-nation-curtain-for-william-and-peter-melvin-edwards-blogCurtain For William and Peter by Melvin Edwards

soul-nation-children-keep-your-spirits-free-carolyn-mims-lawrence-blogChildren Keep Your Spirits Free by Carolyn Mims Lawrence



soul-nation-freedom-now-1963-reginald-gammon-blogFreedom Now 1963 by Reginald Gammon



soul-nation-eva-the-babysitter-emma-amos-blogEva the Babysitter by Emma Amos


Three Spades by David Hammons

soul-nation-revolutionary-suit-Jae-Jarrell-blogRevolutionary Suit by Jae Jarrell

soul-nation-about-martin-john-outterbridge-blogAbout Martin John Outterbridge

soul-nation-about-martin-detail-john-outterbridge-blogAbout Martin (detail) by John Outterbridge

Barkley L. Hendricks Icon for My Man Superman (Superman Never Saved any Black People – Bobby Seale)Icon for My Man Superman
Superman Never Saved any Black People -Bobby Seale
by Barkley L. Hendricks

The exhibit Soul of a Nation asks us: “What has changed in the last thirty five years?”  Perhaps a lot, perhaps little. It’s an urgent question today.

Crystal Bridges Museum is 5 hours from St. Louis. It’s a beautiful museum, worth a trip.




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