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Listen to Your Heart – An Artist’s Work of Love – Susan O’Malley

A dear friend from another state called me last week and said I MUST MUST MUST look at the art of an amazing artist Susan O’Malley.  The artist’s parent in-laws are friends of my friend.


I found the website and links and was amazed at the loving power of Susan’s work.  Her messages of how we can live our lives with love, grace and dignity have been placed in public spaces around the world.  Here are her own words about her art:  “I make art that connects us to each other. To this end I have given pep talks, asked for advice from strangers, and installed inspirational posters in public.”

Her inspired art  has been exhibited in unexpected locations. If only such wisdom guided our lives each day as we got off the subway  or walked down the street.. What a wonderful way to change the world.

Her art has been exhibited in:
Subway stations


On City Streets






In galleries with exhibitions like this one in San Francisco  – FINDING YOUR CENTER   


In woods were contemplation is a welcome companion




There is so much more to be seen of Susan’s work on her website :

Please visit her site and love her work.  And also let her life be a blessing.

LISTEN TO YOUR HEART – My friend had called to tell me about Susan’s work and to also share how important it is that Susan’s work be honored, loved and known. Sadly, Susan  passed away last week unexpectedly, a few days before a planned birth of her twin daughters, who also passed on with their mother.

REMEMBER Susan’s wise and loving words and art.  Honor the love she shared. Listen to her words from her heart and live them.






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