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Journey to Center of Heart & Earth

Soon I’m leaving for a to a place I’ve wanted to go for decades – Esalen in Big Sur, California. There I want to settle into a deeper place in the center of my heart and the center of our earth’s heart. I want to receive this blessing and give it to others, especially during my upcoming workshop in North Carolina.


Books helped me on my way to this journey. While reading one author’s words, I knew I had to gain more of her wisdom. A quick search lead me to Esalen. A powerful dream, weeks before now made sense. And mandala art and journaling became part of the already taking place journey as I prepare to leave home.

Here are some of the books that inspire me for this adventure.



I created journal pages and origami books with mandalas that help me prepare for, immerse myself in while away, and later reflect on adventures to new outer and inner places.


journey-intentions-book-cover-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogPrepare me to sing the song of Creation


My first book is an origami book of my intentions and prayers. I used a large piece of watercolor paper I had created a background on a long time ago. I drew the mandalas, wrote the words and added a little watercolor paint.
















These art journaling mandala books calm me before I  leave. I settle into a deep connection with something stirring inside. The mandalas hold their magic as they embrace that marks I make.




As always, the first things I pack are my art supplies. They are my security blanket that I can’t leave home without. Once I have my companion art supplies ready to take with me, I can figure out what else I need to bring.

journey-paper-folder-closed-blog-creativity-for-the-soul copy

This three sided folder holds  journal papers and inspirations.  I sewed it a few years ago. It’s oil cloth fabric will protect these pages from the blessings of water and soil as I use them outside.


My sweet friend Kelly sewed this holder for pens, brushes and other mark makers.






Watercolor paints, colored pencils, threads and more



All these supplies go into a bag created again by Kelly to hold art supplies. She created it for me on another trip we took together to find our creative hearts.




The words sewn on the front are the best advice I can take with me on any journey.


Enjoy & Create

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