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Invitation – 100 Days for Mandalas, Session Two

Happy Creative New Year – may your  year be filled with happiness, health, abundance and especially creativity.


This is an invitation to join in a new year of creativity and inspiration with the second session of 100 Days for Mandalas. Please come join a creative circle of a quiet round the fire winter retreat (for those of us in northern part of the world) and a lazy daisy summer camp (those those in the southern part) to feel the embrace of the sacred circle of a mandala.  The first session was so much fun and full of creativity that I wanted to keep the inspiration going.  Here are my  blog posts from the first 100 Days for Mandalas session where you can check out the amazing mandalas made by so many people during that time.



The official starting day is January 14, 2013.  For 100 days let yourself be in a creative space where the circle of a mandala will hold you in the mystery and magic of inner creativity that yearns to come forth.  This is not about 100 mandalas in 100 days, it is about being inspired to create however many mandalas speak to your soul. Here is more information from the first session invitation, about how it works.


In this winter into spring time we can answer the call of silence, where we can find a restful and inward place.  And if it is summer for you, this is the quiet place in the shade when the day is turning to dusk and a softer time arrives.  Creativity asks for the invitation to come forth in winter silence or summer stillness.



Mandalas can be made in any way, with any materials.  What is important is letting the circle be the container of creativity.  Like the sphere of mother earth that holds us as we live, the circle is a shape and a symbol of wholeness where we can let our creative spirit live. We can find safety in that wholeness and let the images and words that come from deep within find express in the circle.



The first blog post for session two of 100 Days for Mandalas, which will be posted on Monday January 14, will include recently made mandalas and a guided meditation.   Each week I will share what others have send me via email (linda at – you have to write this out and use the @ sign – sorry).




Today I am sharing mandalas from some of my workshop participants and a very special mandala project that took place shortly after hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Most of these images were made by children ages 8 to 10 years old.  The ones with words are a type of art journaling where the words and images carry the power of left/right brain cohesion, and the intention of feelings.



I worked with Masterpeace Studios and St. Patrick Center to create mandalas for the families who lost their homes in hurricane Katrina and moved to St. Louis.  Meg Krejci (the director of Masterpeace Studios) and I worked together to get children to create mandalas with words that would be inspirations to those who had lost their homes and were setting up new homes in Missouri.  Donated furniture was given to St. Patrick Center so families could furnish their new homes.  The framed mandalas with words were given at the same time the furniture was picked up.  The mandalas were personally handed to the families who were told what they were and how they were made.  They were meant to be a welcoming and comforting presence in these new homes, far from New Orleans.





I am so inspired by the beauty and thoughts of these mandalas, and all the others that have come into my life.  I thank all who have shared their mandala creativity with  me over the years, and I look forward to more sharing in 2013.

Please join this community of creatives in making mandalas. Join in, be inspired and if you wish share your mandala creations by sending to me via email (linda at  – you  have to put in the @ and take out the spaces. If I create a link here, major spam comes to this blog -sorry again).

Happy New Year


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