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In the Mood for 2014 – May Your Dreams Come True

It’s now the New Year 2014, a year that started with the new moon. A new moon is a time to plant seeds of dreams and let them grow during the month and during the year.  It feels like this year for many will bring dreams to reality.  After all, dreams should be what we plant in our hearts for the new year, instead of resolutions. Dreams are positive, sometimes resolutions don’t feel that way.  Dreams grow in our hearts.  May this year be a year full of your dreams becoming reality.


I take liberty in using the  word “mood”  to share what I feel about 2014 being a great year and by sharing an experience that reflects that feeling. I got to visit the fabric store MOOD in New York City a few days before the New Year.  A trip to visit my son, his wife and her family included  a train ride to Penn Station.  From there, we walked a few blocks to a store I had dreamed of visiting, MOOD.


If you ever watched Project Runway, where a group of emerging clothing designers are tested on their creative skills, you know the designers go to the fabric store Mood to choose the fabric, buttons, thread and other things they will use for their designs.




The walls are filled with not only fabrics, but also buttons, threads, zippers, buckles, trims and more.  The wall to ceiling colors, textures, and treasures are an inspiration for a happy mood.  I couldn’t resist some of the buttons.




There was even a Mood button (second row on the left).



And lots of trims.







A rainbow of zippers lines one wall.




Endless fabrics are floor to ceiling.






Unfortunately, Swatch the Boston Terrier resident mascot who is usually there was away on vacation with his owner.




But his food bowl was there by the zippers.



I even got a free tote bag.



Mood  was a great place to soak in the energy of color and possibility.  A perfect inspiration for the New Year.

ENJOY & CREATE – May your dreams become realities in 2014

AND the next blog will be the mandalas I have been promising from the creative artists of the last mandala workshop.

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