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I Cry For the World

My heart is broken. A physical pain stabs in my chest. How to heal from the shock?  Our amazing country descended into votes for hate.



This morning I found some papers I made long ago and wrote  a prayer stating, “I cry for my children. I cry for the world. I cry, I cry, I cry. I cry for the earth, the lands, the air, the rivers. I cry for our future. I cry for love. I cry for humankind. Can I call it kind? I cry for a sound above the chants of hate. I apologize to earth for human hate. Please help me wash it away.”


I needed a place of power to pour my tears. The Mississippi river called.



I headed downtown, gathering my friend Kelly to share in a healing ritual. We collected deep thoughts and prayers from her family and friends. She wrote the words of Dr. Martin Luther King on the back of a pink heart.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”




We drove to the riverfront. We found a spot under the shadow of the Arch.





We placed the prayers on the shore.  As the water lapped near our feet, we stopped for a few moments of silence. We read the words to the strong waters. We spoke to the wind, the sun and earth, sending these words for all to hear.




We burned some of the prayers in a bowl for tears. Letting our tears become one with the mighty water that flowed past us. And letting the smoke carry the words of love, hope and wisdom to the sky, knowing that love is the most powerful of all.




The prayers we wrote ourselves were thrown into the water, letting them flow downstream to merge with the power of our Mother Earth’s waters.




We felt a start to our healing. We finished with the sweet taste of beet cake with pink frosting, knowing that Love Trumps Hate.





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