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Hummingbird Sweetness

Hummingbird Charm & Sweetness

It was a charm* of hummingbirds that called to my son and me as we heard the hum of wings. The spring flowers had just begun. Although the tulips and daffodils were lovely, the hedge full of humming wings most captured our attention and awe.



The public garden was full of tulips and daffodils, but it was hummingbird magic and medicine that drew us to these birds, just as the flowering quince drew the birds to the sweetness of nectar.





There is magic and medicine in hummingbirds. Their wings sing the eternity of life. Hummingbird wings move in the pattern of a figure eight. Like prayer flags that send prayers out to the world through the wind, the sign of eternity is carried to the world in a hummingbird’s flight.




Slow-Motion Video of One of the Hummingbirds We Saw




Hummingbirds can stop on a dime and fly in all directions. Some fly over 2000 miles in their migration.



They send the messages of determination and flexibility. Reminding us to be strong and follow our dreams in our flight through life, letting ourselves move easily in multiple directions but always toward sweetness and home.





Hummingbirds carry the iridescence of living color.



Their feathers are light from the heavens that shines and is reflected to the world and our eyes to see. It is a reminder to know the light of creation and to share the gifts of our light with the world.


* A group of hummingbirds is called a charm. A perfect name for these magical beings.


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