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Healing Hands Mandalas

Healing Hands Mandalas


May my hands touch the earth and heal the earth.  May my hands touch others and heal both our hearts. May my hands be healing hands.



I began this six page healing hands mandala book a few weeks ago at a mandala get together at my house. I found an outline of a hand for a wood carved stamp that had a circle for the palm of the hand. It was perfect for painting mandalas.  I printed copies in different sizes and painted the hands. The mandala designs show the energy of our hands.  The words are prayers for their healing powers.





There is so much energy, both personal and universal, that comes through a person’s hands.  Hands bring healing touch to this world.  My wish is for everyone to know and cherish their own healing hands.


May my hands help unfurl the mystery of the soul





Let my hands bring the light of the moon into the darkness of hearts





Above are the front cover (on the right) and back cover (on the left).



The book was created from one large piece of paper, folded and torn to create pages.   Each book made like this is a treasure. I love creating the background first and then each page comes to life on its own.


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