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Hands of Energy Mandalas


The mandalas I’ve recently created will be part of a larger series.  The theme is “Hands of Energy Mandalas”.





The energy of our souls is expressed in its uniqueness through each hand. Who we are and what we love to do is brought into the world by our hands.  These mandalas are a “portrait” of different kinds of energy that others share with the world.



Just as each finger has its unique print, the unique energy of each person can be portrayed in their hands.



We all have healing hands. Hands that bring us closer to wholeness in whatever we do.  Connecting hands and heart enlivens the love that flows into our hands and out into the world.

The prayer on the above mandala is meant for anyone to use as a connection from heart to hand:

“May my hands help heal the earth

May my hands bring beauty to the earth

May my hands bring healing to the hearts of all”


Two mandalas below were shared at the last mandala circle at my home studio.

mandala-linda-massie-for-babies-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogLinda Massie created a blessing mandala for three new babies in the families of her nephews and nieces.  This sacred circle holds flowing waters of life’s journey  and the greening of growing life. The blessing is that the babies on their journey through life will grow into adulthood always knowing and living with passion, purpose and peace.




mandala-love-blog-nancy-kibens-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogNancy Kibbons created a mandala about the “big bang” of creation where love could not be contained. Love is the explosion and expansion that brought about creation.

Thank you Linda and Nancy for sharing.


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