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Hands In Clay – Hands in Soil


“There is a calling from soil that brings gardener’s hands into the dirt to grow a garden. There is a calling from clay that brings potter’s and clay artist’s hands into the dirt to transform it into objects that become part of daily life. I can’t resist both callings, so when my hands aren’t digging in garden soil, they are in the clay studio playing and creating with clay …”



The words above are from my most recent article in The Healthy Planet. It is about my love of gardens and creating with clay.  The entire article can be read here. I will be sharing garden advice and these latest clay creations at The Healthy Planet Expo on Sunday March 20th in Webster Groves.




Although I created with clay decades ago when getting my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, I hadn’t worked with clay since. In the twenty five years I have designed gardens and worked with love for, and love from, mother earth’s soil, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I got my hands in clay again. I started taking classes at Craft Alliance in U City, Missouri. My hands have been busy there.  An entire set of dinnerware for ten  was created over a year ago.  Lately my love of playing in clay has been creating necklaces / pendants jewelry and buttons.




I love that these “jewels” are made from humble clay.  To make these necklaces and pendants I most often use cookie cutters to cut the shapes, wooden carved stamps that create the design and various pigments and glazes. The clay is high fire stoneware and porcelain.  Sometimes the ribbons are silk sari ribbons from old saris or leather.





I love wearing Hamsa hands. Sometimes called the Hand of Fatima or Hand of Miriam, this symbol is found throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa.



The hand is a sign of blessing and good luck. Both Jews and Muslims embrace this symbol and wear it as jewelry and hang in their homes.



When I wear the Om necklaces I feel as if it is a greeting of “namaste” to those who view it.






The shape of these crosses predate Christianity and is often called the Greek Cross. This shape is one of several different ones Christians use as a symbol of faith.


A Star of David is the most common symbol used to identify the Jewish faith.



Feathers and spirals are symbols and images that spontaneously come to mind when creating mandalas. They can symbolize flight and journey.


Birds not only sing to us and talk to us, but let our souls soar when we see them in flight.



The snowflakes of winter help me know that season, and love the beauty and many forms of water.



My favorite, at least for today, is the tan flower shape with the spiral center. For me it is a symbol of the beauty of flowers and the journey they have gifted to me in my life.



Sometimes the jewelry I create is also jewelry for clothes, or buttons. This button is on an up-cycled sweater dress from different sweaters I sewed together.





I created lots and lots of buttons.  Here more can be seen on my Pinterest board.  They will be with me along with the necklace / pendants at The Healthy Planet Expo next Sunday March 20th.

The necklaces, buttons, plates, bowls and spoons are also at:
Living Arts Studio
2814 Sutton Blvd
Maplewood, MO 63143



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