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Ginda Mouse & Friends at Blueberry Farm

I wrote and illustrated this book – Ginda Mouse – in my early twenties.


ginda-mouse-cover-LIGHTER-copyright-linda-wiggen-kraft-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogGinda Mouse and Her Friends at  Blueberry Farm
Written & Illustrated by Linda Wiggen Kraft

It has been tucked away for a long time. Recently I took it out, got out my old typewriter, added my married name to the cover and pasted on new page numbers where needed. The paper is faded from age, the original typewritten words are faint and the story reminds me of a sweet time in my life.

For easier reading, I copied the words below each illustration.

ginda-mouse-1-LIGHTER-copyright-linda-wiggen-kraft-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogGinda Mouse lived in the city or country, wherever her heart felt best.
She now lived in the city but today she longed for the country.

ginda-mouse-2-LIGHTER-copyright-linda-wiggen-kraft-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogSo she decided to go visit her good friend Annie Mouse,
who lived in the mountains with her two babies.

She quickly put on her clothes into her backpack and ran down the street
to catch the purple bus to Annie’s.



ginda-mouse-3-LLIGHTER-copyright-linda-wiggen-kraft-blog-creativity-for-the-soul copy-blogThe sky was blue and the sun smiled down on the little bus
as it joggled up the mountain road.

The snowy peaks grew larger and closer as she travelled on,
and soon she was there.




ginda-mouse-4-LIGHTER-copyright-linda-wiggen-kraft-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogGinda walked down the winding road and saw her friends outside playing.
Annie and her two babies loved to see Ginda.
They all hugged, kissed and smiled at each other,
for they loved each other’s presence.



ginda-mouse-5-LIGHTER-copyright-linda-wiggen-kraft-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogLater Annie said there was going to be a picnic and barn dance at Blueberry Barn,
so they all decided to go.

While they got ready to leave Annie packed a picnic basket full of cheese,
milk, avocado sandwiches and raspberries.

ginda-mouse-6-LIGHTER-copyright-linda-wiggen-kraft-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-BLOGThen they all climbed into Annie’s little red car
and headed up the road.

The wind blew on their faces as they sang silly songs.
They babies clapped their hands and giggled.




ginda-mouse-7-LIGHTER-copyright-linda-wiggen-kraft-blog-creativity-for-the-souL-blogBefore they knew it Blueberry Barn appeared. 
So many people were there; all their old friends and new ones
they had never seen before.

Everyone was busy dancing, listening to music, or eating their picnic lunches
and they were all having a good time.


ginda-mouse-8-LIGHTENED-copyright-linda-wiggen-kraft-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogGinda, Annie and the babies sat down next to to a big oak tree and listened
while Joanie Mole played her dulcimer.

She sang a pretty, sweet song that made everyone smile,
and the babies laughed as she sang.

The music filled the air, the trees swayed and
the hearts sailed away as she played on.



ginda-mouse-9-LIGHTENED-copyright-linda-wiggen-kraft-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogWhen she finished everyone felt good and smiled.
Then Charlie Goose got his fiddle and Annamay Rabbit got her guitar.
Everyone started to dance as they played.


ginda-mouse-10-LIGHTENED-coyright-linda-wiggen-kraft-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogAnnie kicked up her heels, Ginda scuttled along and the babies stood up
and danced their hearts away. 

The sun slowly started sinking and no one even noticed,
they were all having so much fun.


ginda-mouse-11-LIGHTENED-copyright-linda-wiggen-kraft-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogThe music filled the air, the fiddles kept playing and the feet danced on.
Before anyone knew it, the stars started twinkling in the sky
and the bright moon smiled down on them.

All the old and new friends kissed, hugged and said good-bye.


ginda-mouse-12-LIGHTENED-copyright-linda-wiggen-kraft-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogAnnie drove home while the babies sleep on Ginda’s lap.
The little red car slowly moved home to Annie’s.




ginda-mouse-13-LIGHTENED-copyright-linda-wiggen-kraft-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogThe babies were tucked into bed while Ginda and Annie said good night.
Then the two friends went to sleep.
A smile stayed on their faced as everyone dreamt of the fun they had.


This friendship story is based on a life I lead while living in the Pacific Northwest. I did not know about mandalas in those days, but somehow a similar soft round shape, the oval, spoke to me.  (I kept the misspellings and other “mistakes” that I sometimes still make)


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