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Garden Blues

Yes it is that blue time of year when I miss the blossoms and greens of plants.

Hydrangea Endless Summer


As I work on garden designs and dream of plants that will bring joy to others, I get to spend time with photo memories and meditations of each plant’s beauty and power.



Blue Ageratum


I am often asked to bring more blue into people’s life with the blue colors of flowers.  These photos were taken last summer in my garden.  The blues vary from turquoise to shades of violet blue and from light to dark blue.


Ruellia – Mexican Petunia


Ampelopsis – Porcelain Berry Vine


Laurentia – Blue Star



Salvia Farinacea



These flowers bring the energy of the sky, the sea and speaking your truth from the throat chakra.  Perhaps blue helps us find our truths.


Perovskia – Russian Sage


I once had a psychic tell me I lived in Atlantis and my job was to help in the creation of new flowers that would bring healing with their beauty.  Who knows?



Salvia Guaranitica, Black and Blue


At least in this lifetime I have the joy of bringing already created flowers, whether blue or any other color,  into other people’s lives.




It is an honor and a joy to do what I do.  It keeps flowers with their blue beauty and truths in my life all year long.



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