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Flower Love – Pink & Yellow Petals

It is winter and I need to find Flower Love somewhere.  Flower Love is when your heart opens and you feel faint simply from seeing something so beautiful that you surrender into a state of awe.  During all but four months of the year, I simply step into my garden for this experience.  But in winter I have to visit places that hold flower’s beauty.

It happened a few days ago when I visited the wholesale flower market and found these carnations called Antigua.  The colors are a pale yellow green with veins of pink.  Unlike any other carnation, they look like a faded hand colored photo from a Victorian era.  I want to fall into a bed of these sweetly scented petals.  Alas, that won’t happen, but a vase of these heart breakers is enough to make me swoon.

There were other flowers at the market that took my breath away, all with pink and yellow petals.  It is as if sunshine poured out from the center of this daisy.

Oregano Kent’s Beauty with it’s hanging pink and yellow petals and silver green leaves makes my heart sing.

The colorful leaf of a tropical with white and yellow as a background to pink is another I could look at and love for hours.

zinnia queen lime rose photo linda wiggen kraft
Zinnia Queen Lime Rose with Dusty Rose Petals, Green & Purple Center

And for the queen of the zinnias, I will have to wait until the seeds I ordered from Johny’s Select Seeds are planted and this plant blooms.  I can not wait for these pink and yellow petals to fill me with Flower Love.

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