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Flower Fix in January


The hardest part about winter isn’t the cold, or the snow, or the long darkness.  For me, it is the loss of flowers from late fall until spring.




I buy flowers at the grocery store, I go to the wholesale flower district and spend time standing in the coolers with bucket after bucket of flowers,  just so I can be around flowers.




But the cut flowers aren’t the same as those that are living and breathing on their stems and roots where they reach for the sky and connect with the earth.






When I stand next to them there is a current of life that flows from that plant into the soil and into my soul.   I can slowly bask in the flower’s beauty and feel that shared life of mother earth.






I just returned home from a short trip to a warmer place where I could spend some time with the newly blossoming magnolias and camellias.  It was like heaven.






The colors, the shapes, the beauty.  They all gave me the flower fix I need.






Now I have the flowers in photos and I spend time in glow of the computer screen taking in the light.






The light of the flowers in their photos helps me through winter, a similar light perhaps to those who suffer from SAD in the winter.






May spring and the blossoms arrive soon in St. Louis this year.  I can’t wait.




100 Days for Mandalas starts January 26th. Here’s info and an invitation from the first 100 Days for Mandalas.


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