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First Full Moon – Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon – First Full Moon of 2022

On the eve of January 17, the first full moon of 2022 and the first full moon of winter appears in the sky. This Wolf Moon is named for the call of wolves as their sounds glide far and wide along the white snow and cold ground of  winter. A Wolf Moon calls for a new year, new wolf teachings and new full moon teachings.

My Art – Inspired by an Oracle Card I drew with messages from Wolf & Winter – 3.5 x 5 inches. I drew this card during a recent healing session. Some wolf teachings are to move beyond fears and limitations.

Wolf Teachings
In this upcoming year, wolf teachings are important for all of us. 2022 will certainly bring challenges. We are called to create and direct what will become in “harmony and disciple”, as Ted Andrews states. Andrews, whose most well-known book Animal Speak, shares this about wolves: “The wolf helps you to get to know yourself and derive strength, confidence and assurance… Wolf medicine teaches to trust your intuition…When the wolf shows up, it is time to revive your rituals. Find a new way, start a new journey, take control of your own life. You’re in charge of your own life. You create it and direct it. Do it in harmony and with discipline – then you will experience true freedom.”

A dark furred wolf appeared in a later healing session. I found this Zuni Native American “Bushy Tail” carving/fetish of a wolf to honor wolf’s guardianship and teaching.


When I drew the same Winter/Wolf card a second time at another healing session, the carving/fetish and words from the card inspired this art. The teachings of wolf are to move beyond fears and limitations.

Full Moon Teachings
The wolf moon brings wolf teaching into the power of the full moon. Mother Moon shines divine feminine energy onto earth. The bright full moon is a time of strong clarity where her light shines on both that which we can be grateful for and that which needs closure and  shedding.

This mandala was created during a mandala circle that took place during the full moon of December. It has  a hidden “heart opening” showing love and gratitude amplified by moon light.

Full Moon Mandala created by Linda Massie. Heart is hidden before opening.


Full Moon Mandala created by Linda Massie. Heart is uncovered and open.

I was part of a group of mandala makers during the last full moon. The sky was filled with moonlight as we created our mandalas. The mandala below shows the sky filled with stars and a golden full moon. The beautiful colors of the full moon are sometimes golden, orange and red.  The blood red moons of 2022 appear on May 6th and November 8th.


Ann Brune’s mandala with stars in sky and a golden full moon


Ann Brune’s blue and green mandala with a braided piece.


The pull of the moon is strongest during the three day full moon phase. My mandalas honor the silver orb with words to Mother Moon inspired by the full moon light.

My Moon Mandala with words inspired by the Full Moon


My second Moon Mandala  with silver and gold rays and words written on vellum.



Revive your rituals. Find a new way. Start a new journey
As Ted Andrew states when talking about wolf teaching: “Revive your rituals. Find a new way. Start a new journey”.  Let this time of Wolf Moon be a time of letting go of what longer serves your highest calling. Take time to be in the fullness of gratitude. Wolf Moon is a time to deepen your connection and commitment to your highest good and goals for 2022.

Enjoy, Be Safe and Create.







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