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First Frost – Last Flowers – Love’s Reminders

The first “hard frost” was a few days ago. I picked the last flowers blooming in my garden a few hours before.  That “killing” frost came at least a month later than most years here in St. Louis. Some roses, black eyed susan, coneflower and monarch butterfly weed were still blooming.


Rose is a reminder of the garden of paradise, or earthly divinity. The celestial garden resides in our heart. Rose is the symbol of love. Perhaps roses stay in bloom longer than most flowers to remind us to carry love in our hearts especially in the cold of winter.









All flowers are an expression of love for all of creation.  Some of the last blossoms were also plants that butterflies and insects need for survival.  What goes on between flowering plants and insects is more than just the physical exchange of pollen.  I am reading a book by a bee  “whisperer and channeler” Jacqueline Freeman, who states in her book about bees (Song of Increase), “During the wintertime when we (the bees) eat the honeys made during different times of year, we are memory keepers of the flowers …  In this way the bees and winter dormant plants remain vibrant to each other and keep alive the energetic unity between bee and plant.”




Monarch butterflies need milkweed, asclepias, plants. These are the only plants that they lay eggs on and that caterpillars eat. The tropical milkweed, asclepias currassvica, blooms until first frost. It is a love call to us  to protect this fragile butterfly along with other insects and creatures of our gardens and the garden of Mother Earth.




COMING IN JANUARY  – It’s been awhile since I offered free online workshops with weekly blog posts that include creativity prompts, writing prompts, guided meditations and sharing of creativity. January 9th will start the first Month for Mandala – Truth Inspirations. Then February will start with Light Inspirations.

In this time of uncertain truths, there is a calling for us to first find our deep truths and carry them into the world as beacons of light.  Please join me in this journey where creativity, deep listening and honoring our role as healers of this world can take place. 







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