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Fairies, Family, & Female Bonds

The women of my family have given me a lineage of shared love for beauty and creativity.  I feel the thread of hands and heart working together to create home, garden and family that has been passed down from generation to generation. This feminine power sustains me. Although my mother is gone, her presence comforts me with the things she made that are part of my daily life: the crocheted rug in the bathroom, the frilly pre-school dresses she made for me and hot pads in my kitchen.

My Mom’s love of creating and her sweet heart were,  and still are, shared by her sisters. One of those sisters, my Aunt Lonna, creates in the most amazing way. Her specialty is fairy houses. These are no ordinary fairy houses.  Lonna collects mushrooms, twigs, dried flowers, acorns, seeds and more when she visits her twin sister Donna (their names are Lonna Mae and Donna Fae) who lives on Happy Hill Road, in the rolling hills of Southern Wisconsin farmland. Lonna also collects parts of nature when she visits her daughter in Texas, or wherever she travels.  I’m sure the fairies have guided her and infused their fairy magic in what she collects. Lonna uses these nature finds to create houses fit for fairy Queens and Kings.

This is a fairy house given to me by my Aunt.  It is a treasure with small details that I love to look at both day and night.  Inside there is a night light that shines through the translucent windows.

Today I was supposed to go visit my Aunt Lonna who is living with her daughter (my cousin) and her family in Texas. Unfortunately I am staying home with a case of pink-eye (conjunctivitis).  I will go visit later.  So today I am thinking about this part of my family and feeling the bonds of family, fairies and the female connection of heart and hands.  I am enjoying that presence as I share this fairy house online.





What is amazing to me, is the diversity of all the fairy houses my Aunt has created.  I will share more in an upcoming post.  I’m sure the fairies will enjoy sharing their homes on the internet too.



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