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Dragonfly Wisdom – Art Inspiration & Sharing


Every month there is a “Mandala Get Together” in my art studio at my house.  For a few months we have been making origami books from one large sheet of paper, folding the paper and tearing along one seam. Earlier in the day a dragonfly had a powerful impact on Karen Martinez so she created a powerful piece of art.



Karen drew a dragonfly that covered most of the paper and added mandalas, words, dragonfly cut outs and stamps. She looked up what dragonfly energy and wisdom meant from the book Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.  The words are Karen’s with inspiration from Animal Speak.  This large piece of paper was folded and torn along one seam.  It became a small book.




I love how the paper folds and becomes a book that is complete with cover and open pages. Here is the cover above and all the pages below – all with wise words and images that are inspirations for us all.















Thank you Karen and dragonfly for sharing.

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