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Creative Collage Genius – My friend Julie

There is collage art, and then there is genius collage art.  My friend Julie Heller is an artist and graphic designer who is one of the most genius creative people I know. No one does collage like Julie. They are awe inspiring.  Right now Julie has an exhibit of her art at the gallery of Third Degree Glass Factory in St. Louis.  The exhibit closes on March 18th.  Find the time to go, it is a delight.



A portrait from the distance made up of simple lines, shapes and just the right amount of suggestion.



Close up the simplicity turns to intricate yet simple detail from torn and tiny slips of paper.  A torn ticket stub creates the perfect red lips.


The subtle colors and lines become a face, with a leg outlining the bottom of the nose and mountains for a mouth.




A blue cuff turns into a blue eye.



A portrait with stamps and vintage images.



My favorite image of all, a fish for a mouth.








Julie is one of those people who envisions how to turn things from the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Visiting her home is always a treat of wonder and amazement as she combines, or perhaps more appropriately curates,  the objects of her life into stunning arrangements.  Her work as a graphic designer is just as brilliant.  Her creative light shines brightly in her fine art portrait collages.






To most of us a pile of old stamps and paper scraps looks just like that, a pile of pieces of paper.  But to Julie an old stamp turned on its side is the eye of a person.






Most of Julie’s collages are in frames,  two large canvas pieces are also in the exhibit.






The canvas pieces  enclose the framed art.



And here is what it looked like for the opening at the February Third Friday.


Julie’s art is up until March 18th.  It’s a treat to discover all that is in her art. Pure genius in my opinion.


And here’s another online connection to her art with more collages, at the Behance site.



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