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Connection to Fire – A Month for Mandalas

In this time of increasing light, let your inner light shine brightly.  A Month for Mandalas, session two, which ended weeks ago, was about connection to nature’s elements.  Part of the session is actual connection and merging of mandalas with the elements. This is the last connection to the elements – fire.


I built a mandala to honor the light of fire.  I used a large brass tray to begin.



I added a large metal singing bowl in the center.


I printed copies of fire mandalas I recently created and placed them around and in the bowl.



I added more copies of fire mandalas into the singing bowl.



I added candles and fire to the mandalas in the bowl.




The six small fire mandalas we added to the bowl.



Soon the mandala fire ended and all that was left was ash that went into the garden.  The light and fire are reminders of the passion within and our connection to light and fire from the sun and on the earth.  We are all one with this element and the three others.   May these mandalas be a reminder for you and your light, passion and connection.




This is Christine Torlina’s fire mandala made to honor the elements. It was burned the night of its creation in my backyard.







Let your inner light grow ever brighter in this time of quiet and winter days. Happy Holidays.



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