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CityGarden – St. Louis

Its official name is Citygarden.  It is an urban oasis in downtown Saint Louis.  My husband and I went there on a Saturday night.  The temperature has been north of 100 degrees for too many days this summer.  This night was pleasant. The pleasant surprise was to see all the people there.

What is Citygarden?  It is an inviting sophisticated gathering place for adults and children where sculptures by some of the most well known international artists are placed amongst native perennials and trees in areas that evoke the prairie, woodlands, grassy rolling down hills, stone bluffs and rivers.

Best of all, it is totally hands on, so children and adults can play in, around and on these  sculptures. These same sculptures would be totally hands off in most art museums.  But here they cause riots of laughter and shrieks of joy when water splashes up and unexpected  adventure takes place inside or on a 3D sculpture that is perhaps more fun than a playground.

Pinocchio greets people with outstretched arms, and welcomes children to the nearby fountain that squirts its water straight up from the stone floor.

A horse with 3D star on its back stands atop a grassy hill perfect for rolling down.

A crow-person waits quietly near the cafe in the park with outdoor tables overlooking Citygarden.

The video of continuously moving  walkers greets people at both ends of Citygarden.

The Tai Chi pose invites movement and serenity.

And why not wear a pink suit when visiting?

As a garden designer and artist I totally appreciate the melding of plants, landscape and art.  All the plants are seen for their sculptural shapes here. The art fits in powerfully and with dignity, and gives equal weight to the setting.






I not only wanted to spend a pleasant summer Saturday evening here, I wanted to spend some time scouting out which sculptures would be best for Slow Art Day on April  27th, 2013.  I have been cohost of Slow Art Day in St. Louis for the last three years.  I love Slow Art Day because it helps me, and others, experience individual art pieces in a whole new way by spending 10 minutes or more with each piece of art.  This year the experience will be truly different. Not only can I view the art for long period, I can touch it and know it through both my eyes and my hands.  I can’t wait.

To see more of Citygarden, go their media webpage and open the PDF for the Landscape Architecture April 2011 magazine.  It is the fifth link down the list, and shows thirteen pages of info about Citygarden. There you can find details and more photos.

If you are in St. Louis, please stop by this jewel of urban parks.  You might want to bring your swimming suit if the weather is warm. The children will let you play in the water too.

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