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Shared Mandalas

Hands of Energy Mandalas

The mandalas I’ve recently created will be part of a larger series. The theme is “Hands of Energy Mandalas”. Just as each finger has its unique print, the unique energy of each person can be portrayed in their hands.

A New Year – Mandala Sharing

Sharing of inspiration and creativity is what this blog is all about. I am always so thrilled to share the creativity of others. My monthly mandala circle get togethers are always a delight and amazement when other mandala makers create works of depth and beauty. Here are the first mandala sharings of this new year.

A Month For Mandalas – Week 2 – Remember Truth

A Month For Mandalas – Week 2 – Remembering the Truth of Your Soul. We all have truths of who we are, who our authentic self is, what gifts we bring to the world are, what passions feed our souls. These truths are always inside of us, at our deep true core. In the quiet, in the flow of creativity these truths whisper to us. Remember them for they are always there.

100 Days for Mandalas – Week Six

MONDAY MANDALA INFORMATION, INSPIRATION & MEDITATION Nature’s Inspiration & Making Marks MANDALA PROMPT Humankind has made marks of patterns and images upon many surfaces.  Those that have survived the longest are on stone.  Nature herself makes patterns and images in many forms of creation.  Take time to see mandala patterns – a flower, a seed, […]

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