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Sacred Lotus Love – Mandalas

In years past I’ve received emails from the Missouri Botanical Gardens saying “the sacred lotus are blooming”. I haven’t seen the email yet this year. I hope it isn’t too late. Lotus is one of my favorite plants. Not only for its beauty, but for its spiritual meanings.

Flower Fix in January

The hardest part about winter isn’t the cold, or the snow, or the long darkness. For me, it is the loss of flowers from late fall until spring. I buy flowers at the grocery store, I go to the wholesale flower district and spend time standing in the coolers with bucket after bucket of flowers, just so I can be around flowers.

School Garden Dreams – The Edible Schoolyard

When I got to visit the original Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley for the first time last summer, it was like going to Mecca. And now looking at these photos lets me dream of upcoming spring, my vegetable garden and all the school gardens that will soon be growing.

A Trip to the Garden

If you live in St. Louis and you say you are “going to the garden”, it only means one thing. You are going to the Missouri Botanical Garden.

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