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Flower Freeze

Flower Freeze. Tonight winter comes back with 20 degrees F. Spring was here all winter and the flowers grew.

A Month for Mandalas – Loving Earth

Loving Earth – A Month for Mandalas. The earth is our mother. It is our home, the home to all creatures who live on its surface. We are one with this earth. Planting Mandalas, Mindfullness & Prayers – Connection to Creativity & Nature.

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Pow Wow Mandalas

In April I attended the one day Pow Wow at Washington University in St. Louis. There were many mandalas there. This was the 25th annual Pow Wow organized by the Center for Native American Studies

100 Days for Mandalas – FREEDOM – Mandala Sharing

Freedom is a word with many meanings, so many meanings. It has life and death meanings and consequences, and is something all humans strive for and deserve. Each person has their own striving, guided and pushed by that deep soul longing. 100 Days for Mandalas – FREEDOM

100 Days for Mandalas * Session 4 *RE-EMERGE * part 2

I spent all day yesterday in my garden. I was surrounded by the re-emergance of green and amazing blossoms. I dug in the dirt. I cut back the overgrown and dead. I set new boundaries – a rabbit fence so my vegetables and flowers will grow. I worked with mandalas yesterday also. That and being in my garden let me heal from one of the most intense months of my life

Mandala Workshop – Sharing Creativity

My turtle mandala I love to see and share the mandalas created during my mandala workshop. I am always amazed at what is created.  Here are the rest of the mandalas that were created at the April 20th workshop. Mandala by Lisa Pieper Mandala by Joy Weber Mandala by Joy Weber Mandala by Belinda Brin

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