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My Garden

Flower Love – My Garden In Vases

I love my garden and the beauty of flowers. I love growing flowers and bringing some inside to be near their beauty and energy. These are some of the flowers from my garden from this year, in vases I love, many that I made out of clay.

My Gardens – A Welcome Home

I’m back home after an incredible journey that was deep and wide. A journey that opened new doors of creativity, community and connection. Sometimes it is hard to get grounded after such an experience. For me, it is spending time in the garden that gives me grounding and welcomes me home.

In My Garden

I finished the crazy garden planting time a few weeks ago. Somehow in all the busyness surrounded by flowers, I didn’t make time to take photos. A few weeks ago, I took photos of what was blooming in my garden.

Flower Mandalas – From My Garden

I haven’t been taking time this year to photograph flowers from my garden as the flower mandalas they are. These are flower portraits that show the amazing details of their mandalas shapes …. When I do this my heart hurts from the intensity of beauty I see. I am reminded that at every moment this beauty is there and yet I am seldom aware of it and wonder why I am not in a perpetual state of amazement.

The Very Hungry Caterpillars – Milkweed for Monarchs

A few days ago I walked out the front door and saw one of my butterfly milkweed plants – asclepias curassavica – full of monarch butterfly caterpillars. I was happy to see them, and sad that a few days before I found out exactly how desperately they need our help.

Sweet Nectarines – From My Garden

My nectarine tree looks beautiful in a garden bed in the front of house. It is lovely simply as a good looking tree, but it also shares its sweet fruit for a week or so in July. Getting the fruit from tree to kitchen isn’t always easy. It’s a race between the bird, squirrels, bugs and me to see who gets to eat the prized fruit. This year I got the prize.

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