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Healing Gardens

Mandalas in the Prairie

The last mandala circle get together was about an hour away at the home and prairie of Christine and Gary. The ten acres of restored and loved prairie and woods are called “Earth Mirrors”. It’s a mirror into the soul and long history of the land and those who care and cared for it.

Ready for Kanuga

I leave in less than a week for Kanuga near Asheville, North Carolina to teach a week-long course titled “Entering the Sacred Through Images, Words, Nature & Gardens”. Kanuga is a 1400 acre Episcopal retreat center. I can’t wait.

Flower Fix in January

The hardest part about winter isn’t the cold, or the snow, or the long darkness. For me, it is the loss of flowers from late fall until spring. I buy flowers at the grocery store, I go to the wholesale flower district and spend time standing in the coolers with bucket after bucket of flowers, just so I can be around flowers.

The Day Before Frost – Flowers

We had our first hard frost in St. Louis a few nights ago. It is always a bittersweet time, with the last sweetness of flower blooms and the bitter bite of cold the morning after.

Sarah Is In The Garden Now

My dog Sarah was a super dog. I say my dog because even though she was supposed to be the family dog, she was mine. She was the sweetest dog and even had fans who used to go out of their way to walk by our house to pet her as she sat on the front lawn.

Blue For Flowers – Really Blue

Today I am blue for flowers. Not just because it is in the midst of a very cold and long winter, but because I am feeling a grieving for the flowers that may be lost to this winter’s cold.

Yellow Willow Spring

My dog and I go for walks in a nearby park. There are tens of thousands of trees in Forest Park, but there is only one that is my favorite.  It calls to me from across the water as we cross the bridge to get nearer.  I imagine the essence of a golden goddess with […]

Gardens of Remembrance for 9/11

Art Hill in St. Louis holds many memories for most of the region’s citizens.  The sloping six acres of graceful lawn ends at the bottom of the hill where it meets the formal fountains of the grand basin at the foot of the St. Louis Art Museum.  It is the perfect spot for a picnic […]

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