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Sarah Is In The Garden Now

My dog Sarah was a super dog. I say my dog because even though she was supposed to be the family dog, she was mine. She was the sweetest dog and even had fans who used to go out of their way to walk by our house to pet her as she sat on the front lawn.

Fairies & Family – Part Two

My Aunt Lonna’s* fairy houses are some of the most creative sculptures I have ever seen.  The sweetness is seen in each detail of these creations made from nature’s materials.  I know the fairies were guiding my Aunt to find the perfect mushroom, acorn, branch, roots, moss and other fairy delights to use in her […]

Fairies, Family, & Female Bonds

The women of my family have given me a lineage of shared love for beauty and creativity.  I feel the thread of hands and heart working together to create home, garden and family that has been passed down from generation to generation. This feminine power sustains me. Although my mother is gone, her presence comforts […]

Flowers for Alesondra

Today I am very sad, as I have been since Monday when I learned that my cousin’s daughter had suddenly lost her life. Alesondra was a beautiful young woman who touched many lives and is one of the threads in the cloth of a close-knit family that reaches far and wide. A friend of mine once […]

Nature’s Abstract Inspirations in Stone

A recent visit to my son’s new home in California included a trip to Bean Hollow Beach. Bean Hollow Beach is a California State Beach on the Pacific, south of Pescadero. It is known for its unusual rock formations called Tafoni.

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