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Mandalas Around the House

When I started looking, I found lots of mandalas around my house.  Many of them were ones I created decades ago, ceramic bowls and platters I did before my children were born.  I didn’t call them mandalas at the time.  When I create mandalas now I see the same images, like spirals, coming up when […]

Beauty for the Birds

I was one of a group of artists asked to create a bird house that would be used in a fund raiser for the new Bird Habitat Garden in University City, Missouri.  The bird garden is a collaborative effort by many environmental groups, native plant professionals, bird and plant lovers.  It is located off Olive […]

Lazy Art Days – Plaster, Paints & Wax

I’ve been busy having lazy art days.  These are days when I feel wrapped up in the present, in a flow of creativity that guides me along like a river. I call these days lazy in that I sometimes work all day in my pajamas, don’t answer the phone, leave the dishes and the rest […]

The Joy of Snail Mail – Handmade Envelopes

Personal snail mail is a joy to send and receive, especially if there is a colorful handmade envelope made from paper that would normally be thrown in the recycling bin.  This week I got to make envelopes for thank you notes for my very special book group friends.  We exchanged gifts last weekend.  On Monday […]

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