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A Garden for Lovers

“My love is like a red, red rose” Robert Burns   A red rose is the symbol of eternal love. We give red roses on February’s Valentine’s Day to honor the lover that cupid’s arrow have chosen for us. The red rose and cupid are not the symbols of St. Valentine. They are the symbols […]

Monet’s Garden & Art Magic

I visited Monet’s garden at Giverny in the fall.  I also visited the large waterlily pond paintings in the Paris museum designed by Monet to display them.  Seeing both was the most powerful art and garden experience I ever had.

Gardens of Remembrance for 9/11

Art Hill in St. Louis holds many memories for most of the region’s citizens.  The sloping six acres of graceful lawn ends at the bottom of the hill where it meets the formal fountains of the grand basin at the foot of the St. Louis Art Museum.  It is the perfect spot for a picnic […]

The Winner Is Zinnia

As usual, I  experienced plant lust when I visited the Missouri Botanical Garden last weekend.  It was a new flower I had only seen in catalogs.  A zinnia with the most beautiful dusty rose petals, bright pink purple center and a light lime green edge on the new emerging petals.  It is called Queen Lime […]

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