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100 Days for Mandalas – Week Four

MONDAY MANDALA INFORMATION, INSPIRATIONS & MEDITATION Celebration of the days of long light MANDALA PROMPT Be inspired by the light of the long days and the sun that shines its white light down and illuminates our world.  This white light holds all the colors of the rainbow.  These colors are seen in our world and […]

100 Days for Mandalas – Week Three

PRAYERS  and PRAIRIES MONDAY (actually Tuesday) MANDALA INFORMATION, INSPIRATIONS & MEDITATION This mandala was created by Tina Sparks in honor of her sister Cheryl who is now in the prairies of South Dakota for four days celebrating the Sun Dance.  Tina and her sister are part of the Lakota tribe and the Sun Dance is […]

100 Days for Mandalas – Week Two

MONDAY MANDALA INFORMATION, INSPIRATION & MEDITATION MANDALA PROMPT This week become aware of the living colors of life.  Colors you see in flowers, in animals, in stones, in all parts of creation.  Realize you are living color and the colors you choose in your creations are living colors. And to share those colors is a […]

100 Days for Mandalas – Week One

MONDAY MANDALA INFORMATION, INSPIRATION & MEDITATION MANDALA PROMPT This week bring an intention, or purpose, into the creation of your mandala.  An intention is a thought and feeling about something that you would like to give attention.  This could be a wish, or a desire for help with a worry.  It can be something as […]

The Center of the Road Trip – Mandala Heaven

The main reason for the recent road trip to New Mexico was to experience The Mandala Center in Des Moines, New Mexico. What would it be like stay in this beautiful retreat center dedicated to personal and spiritual growth? Would it be as wonderful as the website photos and descriptions? My friend Kelly Larson and […]

Mandalas for a New Mexico Heart Journey Road Trip

ROAD TRIP – I am soon off to New Mexico for a Heart Journey Road Trip with a dear friend.  It is a heart journey in more ways than one.  It’s off to cities, high deserts and mountain lands.  Santa Fe, The Mandala Center in Des Moines, Taos and Abiquiu here we come. MATTERS OF […]

Lazy Art Days – Plaster, Paints & Wax

I’ve been busy having lazy art days.  These are days when I feel wrapped up in the present, in a flow of creativity that guides me along like a river. I call these days lazy in that I sometimes work all day in my pajamas, don’t answer the phone, leave the dishes and the rest […]

Moon Mandalas for a New & Waxing Moon

Monday was the new moon.  A new moon is the time to plant intentions and wishes.  Like seeds in the ground, or babies in the womb, they germinate and grow during this time of darkness. My monthly mandala making get together took place on Sunday, the eve before the new moon.  I lead a guided […]

Mandalas Ring in the New Year

Mandalas are circular images that bring us to our center and open our awareness to the cycles and wholeness of life. The round mandala shape seen in nature, from the smallest cell to the eternal cosmos is all around us.  Let these mandala images from the wonderful artists who have opened up and shared their […]

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