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Bird Song Mandalas

I am getting ready to leave in a few weeks for North Carolina to teach my course “Creating Sacred Space in the Garden” at Kanuga, a spiritual retreat center outside of Asheville.


My goal for myself, my friend Kelly Larson who is helping me teach, and the class participants is to open our hearts in a deeper way to the songs of nature. To open our hearts to the love of creation and Creator.



I want us to hear not just the physical songs we here with our ears. But to hear the songs that only a quiet listening heart can hear.




I want to hear not only the many songs that each bird sings, but also the songs of the trees, the plants, the soil.  I want to hear their songs of joy, of love, of rejoicing.




I want to hear the chorus of all of the members of nature’s choir singing together.



I want to know the songs that fill the air and send their energy into the roots of the trees and plants.
I want to know that the trees feel the birds songs deep into the soil, and they are glad.



I want to know the world as  birds, or the tops of the trees, see and know it.

These are my mandalas, thoughts and prayers to help my heart open to all I don’t hear. Those songs that surround me and I am unaware.


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