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“Becoming” Bundles & Blessings

Instead of 2019 New Year’s resolutions, intentions or goals, this is the year of “becomings”.

“Becoming” is not a noun like goal, intention or resolution. It is a life force that gives birth to something new. It is motion and creation that is always growing. It is the active part of “to be”.  “Becoming” lives inside of us and calls to our highest self. “Becoming” is not static, but dynamic and full of life both within us and as part of all creation. “Becoming” is flow, change, growing to fulfillment. “Becoming” at its highest is bathed in fierce heart energy, the flow of life, conviction, light, truth and courage.

For 2019 my friend Kelly and I created “Becoming Bundles & Blessings”. These “becomings” and “blessings” are meant to help heal the brokenness of our world. They are seeds planted and growing right now to help bring forth nurturing and life affirming changes for our world, now and in the future. 

Each “Becoming Bundle & Blessings” holds the seeds, longings and naming of what is becoming. My reminder of what to do always – Be Peace, Do Peace.


Each bundle holds reminders of the gifts we were given to share. Cotton, a log cabin quilt piece and a doll with a dark blue button at the throat chakra (to alway speak truth loudly) are Kelly’s reminders and remembering of what we are here to share. 


The bundle wrapping of Kelly’s log cabin quilt pattern is a symbol of home. The outer strips represent the walls of a log cabin.  The red center represents the hearth. 


Inside are treasures and reminders of what gifts to share. For Kelly an indigo cloth she dyed with treasure inside, knitting and cloth she dyed. A heart stone, seeds of the night, abundance and written wishes are all placed inside the quilt and wrapped up. 


My “Becoming Bundle and Blessings” is cloth of my favorite color, wrapped with milagros and charms that all represent hopes and the help of the divine. Poems and prayers are written on the paper wrapped around other treasures in cloth bags. 


The cloth bags hold heart seeds, heart rocks, a Hopi corn maiden fetish, an acorn, an earth marble and more.





These seeds represent growing, fierce love. Each pea sized seed has a white heart imprinted on its surface.


Our Mother Earth is represented by this marble with the continents imprinted on its blue ocean color surface.


Prayers written in the template of wholeness, the feng shui bagua.  The template encompasses the unity and entirety of a person life. Other prayers and poems were written on more papers.



A poem of hope  for all of us and our world.

May 2019 bring  many blessings and becomings to you.





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