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Artist Creates Light, With Thread

A few weeks ago I walked into a local St. Louis arts center and just about fell over when I turned the corner and saw one of the most beautiful and amazing art installations ever.

Artist Gabriel Dawe creates rainbow light with thread art in St. Louis art installation
Gabriel Dawe Plexus #8, St. Louis Art Installation until August 27, 2011

Even more amazing was that a few weeks before someone sent me an internet connection to photographs of this international artist’s work which was one of those unbelievable art creations that makes your jaw drop, but you figure you will never see in real life because you live thousands of miles away.

Gabriel Dawe rainbow thread art
Gabriel Dawe Rainbow Light - Art from Thread

I walked in the St. Louis Luminary Arts Center during a city wide event of visiting artist’s studios.  I didn’t know that same day an installation by fiber artist Gabriel Dawe would be opening, with him there in person. As I turned the corner in the plain looking building there was suddenly a white walled two story room with a lone north facing window cut into graceful curved ceiling arches.  As if rainbow light was being created that filled the space from floor to ceiling, Gabriel’s ethereal thread sculpture filled this former chapel with a heavenly vision.  The art center had been a convent for Nuns, with small rooms that housed the Sisters. The former Nun’s rooms, now individual artist studios, surround the center space which included a light filled former chapel, now gallery space.

A lone stone alter is still in place in the chapel gallery.  The many years of prayer and dedication to God is felt when walking into the space with thousands, if not millions, of feet of thread that are individually strung back and forth, up and down the height of the room.  Gabriel uses German thread that comes in luminous colors and shifts the colors as they gradually travel from blue to green to yellow. This installation is titled Plexus no. 8.  Looking through the closely strung thread, which has light pouring through creates the effect of actual rainbow light.

Gabriel Dawe thread art Plexus # 8 St. Louis
Gabriel Dawe creates light with thread - St. Louis Plexus # 8 St. LouisPlexus no 8  is the only installation of this series created in a gallery with natural light.  The one north facing window fills the space with bright light that changes during the day.  Gabriel said he especially likes the late afternoon light. The effect is heavenly and you can almost feel the celestial beings celebrating the light made from thread that now illuminates the space.

If you are in St. Louis don’t miss this amazing art installation. It will make your jaw drop and your heart sing.  It is at the Luminary Arts Center, 4900 Reber Place Saint Louis MO 63139, across from the west end of Tower Grove Park off Kingshighway.  Through August 27, 2011.  Gallery hours are Wednesday – Saturday noon – six.

Garbiel Dawe thread art Plexus #8 St. Louis - Close Up

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