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Art Kits – For Travel and Unexpected Journeys

My security blanket for travel is the bag of art supplies I take along to not only work with, but to give me comfort.  Inside are papers, markers, colored pencils, writing pens, watercolors and a small chinese brush.

If for some reason when I travel, if I can’t take art supplies with me so I have a blank sheet of paper to transform with marks, images  and words, I feel all nervous that I have left part of myself back home.  A part of me that really wants to go along for the journey.

So I try to make beautiful pouches to carry these art supplies wherever I may go.

Usually I have time to gather my art supplies and put them in their pouch before I leave for a trip.  But last weekend I didn’t have that luxury. I had an unexpected journey.

Funny things were going on in my body and I knew I needed to go to have it checked out in the Emergency Room. I had a feeling I might be gone for a few days. So with the 30 seconds to gather my things I grabbed a walker bag I had filled with markers before.  I grabbed some colored pencils, a few mandala coloring cards and black line markers.

I grabbed the coloring book I created.

As it turns out I did spend a few days getting checked out. Luckily everything is fine. Luckily I had my art kit with me. I had time to create some art including  some coloring. I started a mandala coloring card, which I didn’t quite finish before coming home.

And I even got to share my art kit with a visiting relative of my roommate.

To celebrate my return home, I am buying some new art supplies for my traveling art kit, or to call it more accurately, my security blanket.

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