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A Twist on Truck Farming

Recently I pulled into a parking spot in Maplewood, Missouri.  I parked behind a blue pickup truck. I saw flowers and vegetables in the back. I thought they were in pots ready to be planted in a garden. Boy was I surprised when I looked closer.


This is what I first saw.  A truck with plants ready to be planted.

As I got closer, it still looked like plants ready to go into a nearby garden.  I was mistaken.


The truck was an actual “truck farm”.  The back pickup area was filled with dirt and the plants were growing in the dirt.



There were herbs, flowers and vegetables all growing in the dirt filled back.  New seedlings were growing for cool weather to come.




It turns out the truck farm with a twist is an educational tool that goes around to farmers markets, schools, summer camps and events promoting fresh sustainable food.  Check them out at their facebook page.

They call themselves a mobile community farm, public art and education project. I love the creativity and joy this brings with the surprise of how we can grow food and flowers in more ways than we ever thought possible.



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